Last year at our 2013 Reunion, a few of the class of "64' wondered about the possibility of our class celebrating our 50th in 2014. So in the spring of this year, Debbie Wewers Bentley, Emily Geels Soller, Janie Hilton Dahlem and myself set about putting things in motion to make it happen! With the help of Sr. Elise in getting us updated mailing and e-mail information to contact our class members and the generosity of the Sisters in allowing us to use the Center room 110 for the weekend of Sept. 19 & 20th, our committee got to work. 
     It is so true what St. Paul says about our different gifts; Emily became our efficient organizer with great attention to detail, Debbie has boundless energy and enthusiasm in getting the job done and Janie, who is the Pie Queen of the world as far as we are concerned, made wonderful desserts for our evening meal, offered decorating tips and took care of her husband, Gene, who had heart surgery last reunion, and is recovering from knee surgery this year! Yours truly loved doing the decorations and attending to social details.  
    All our efforts paid off in a wonderful two days of happy reminiscing, laughter and sharing with each other. Those attending were: Carol Binz Blaschke, Micki Cullivan Canterbury, Barbara Forst Stelle, Emily Geels Soller, Lasonia Gilyard Whitmore, Anna Griesemer Chance, Leona Hoelting, Mary Kennedy Burns, Betty Lisko Masingale, Pat Lux Woodard, Areletha Jane Miller, Joanne Rinke, Barbara Shelby Neas, Sue Simmons Baber, Katie Strobel Simmons, Debbie Wewers Bentley, and Ramona Willems Hornsey. Four husbands also attended: John Burns, Bill Chance, Gene Dahlem and Bill Neas. 
    The Sisters who joined us on Friday evening for buffet and social hour were Sr. Maria, Sr. Elise, Sr. Cabrini and Sr. Anne Michelle. Sr. Rosalie Rueswald was not able to attend due to being out of town for a Jubilee event. 
    On Saturday morning Deacon John Burns led us in a prayer service, followed by a Brunch from Golden Corral. At Leona Hoelting's request, we held a 'Round Robin" and went around the table so each could share a little about our lives and the effects of our being "Scho Girls". The husbands also shared stories, as did the three Sisters, Cabrini, Anne Michelle and Elise. They were having so much fun that Sr. Maria reported they were late for prayers.  
    Our day finished out with more visiting at the Monastary and grounds, a trip to downtown historic site, and at 5:00PM we met at Re-Pete's restaurant for dinner. It was just a 'perfect' weekend and from the comments of those who were able to attend it just added more wonderful memories to the ones we have carried in our hearts for over the last 50 years. "All Hail St. Scholastic, the school that we love so well . . ." Mary Kennedy Burns

(l-r) Emily Geels Soller, Mary Ann Canterbury,
Leona Hoelting, Barbara Forst
Steele, Anna Griesemer Chance, Janette
Hilton Dahlem, Debbie Wewers Bentley,
Mary Kennedy Burns, 8 of the 17 who made it to the celebration.
Above: Mary at old school
Below: Emily and Sister Cabrini
Below: Debbie and Emily 
Class of 1964
St. Scho 
Golden Girls