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Julie Lineberry '66
Proof Sheets for the Photo Disc

Angel Kissed Studio's CharMain Beleele (Charmain Taylor '66) Professional photographer and "official" reunion photographer - kindly send at materials and postage cost a CD of all the reunion photos. (BTW credit CharMain if you use them)

Several people could not open the photos because of limitations on their computers memory. Most of the photos are 1 - 2 Meg. and there are almost 400 photos. 

I have down sized and put them on 10 proof/contact type sheets.
The purpose of the sheets is to help you find the individual photos on the disc ONLY.  Note the number(s) THEN go to the CD disc and open only the photos you want to see/print.
Julie Robben Lineberry
Saturday Lunch & Class Photos (JPGs 210 - 239)
Saturday Lunch & Class Photos (JPGs 240 - 269)
Saturday Lunch & Class Photos (JPGs 270 - 299)
Sat SSA Meeting  (JPGs  300- 329)
Sat SSA Meeting  (JPGs  330- 359)
Sat SSA Meeting  (JPGs  360- 389)
Sunday Mass with Bishop & Brunch (JPGs 390 -427)
Sunday Mass with Bishop & Brunch (JPGs 428 -447)
Sunday Brunch (JPGs 448 -485)
Sunday Brunch (JPGs 486 -507)
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